Conference report by Colin Price

After being elected to represent the Wells Constituency Labour Party at the Conference in Brighton I made my way down on Saturday and straight in at the deepend with a reception of Southwest Delegates with Jeremy Corbyn who I will admit was not my first choice for leader. Nevertheless he was very approachable and down to earth and was very well received all through the four days of conference.

Then it was four days of speeches, including delegates that were lucky enough to be picked from the floor. Equal amounts from women and men, some very personal accounts and pleas for change. Add to that fringe meetings on every issue you could probably want and a chance to air my views especially on public transport.

Alan Johnson was leading the Party’s, ‘Let’s Stay in Europe’ campaign, and there was the first Shadow Mental Health Minister working alongside The Shadow Heath Minister.

All in all a lot of new faces full of enthusiasm and energy. At no time was there any booing or heckling just a lot of standing ovations which rather surprised me.

What seemed to be common amongst all the CLP s was the sharp rise in membership. In the Wells Constituency we saw a rise of nearly 150% in 4 months, a figure I have never seen in my 20 years as a member.
Now the real work starts. If anyone would like to find out more then visit the Wells Labour Website or contact me though the City Council e-mail address.