Norma Scanlon moved to Shipham in 1983 and felt fortunate to have found such a great place to live; there is such a strong sense of community and support in the village.  Her career was in teaching and she is a supporter of the 3-school system. Her children, all grown up now, all have positive memories of their school days in the Cheddar Valley. Norma says;

“I have always been interested in current affairs and politics. I have been a Labour Party member for many years but have never been as angry as I am now.  All my beliefs about a civilised society are being swept away – public libraries, support for the needy and disadvantaged, facilities for young people, the NHS, equal opportunities for access to education and I am alarmed at the damage that is being done. The unfairness of it all is breath-taking.  Extremely rich people who make their profits in this country can pay minimum taxes because of off-shore arrangements – Philip Green of Topshop being one example.  The poorest areas of the country are being hit the hardest.  I don’t believe this is really what people want their councils and governments to do. I want to take back control for the ordinary person and Labour is the only party that will do that.”