Well Constituency stretches from Shepton Mallet to Burnham-on-Sea & from Glastonbury to Cheddar. Wells constituency Labour Party consists of 4 branches shown below:


North West Somerset
Glastonbury and Street
Shepton Mallet

Constituency Officers


Chair: Andy Merrifield
Vice Chair: Colin Price
Membership: Clare Smith: wellsclpmembership@gmail.com
Treasurer: Tatiana Storie
Secretary: Janet Ladyman

Other Posts

Trades Union Liasion Officer: Deborah Towner
Technology Officer: Alan Beech
Political Education Officer: Glen Newstead
Youth Officer: Jane Ratcliffe
Womens Officer: Hannah Beech
Ethnic Minority Officer: Ian Martyn
Press Officer Michael: Sawdon Smith

Contact Wells Constituency Labour Party

7 thoughts on “Constituency & Branches

    1. Yes we do have social events from time to time. Our AGM this year was held at a BBQ and was enjoyed by all.
      They’ll be advertised here – if you want to help with them just let us know.

  1. Hi Clare, I’m just finding my way around as well so have no official info, but I’ve checked and can’t find an FB page. There is a Twitter but it’s not been used much. Question to Wells Labour – do you have anyone running your social media presence? Did you want any volunteers?

  2. 30,000 people have joined the Labour party since Saturday! Exciting times. That is more, in such a short time, joining a political party in history.

  3. I’ve just created a new Facebook Page called Wells Labour Party. There is nothing on it but you can be first!

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