Glastonbury and Street Branch

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 Chair Kama McKensie

Vice Chair Ian Fraser

Secretary Michael Sawdon-Smith

Treasurer Peta Baird

Membership Secretary Daniel Croose

Women’s Officer Vanessa Corby

Education Officer Emma Jane King

Disabilities Officer Flint Read

Youth Officer Daniel Croose

We are an informal and friendly branch. We hold MONTHLY branch meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at the Quaker House Street 7 to 9pm, disabled access, children welcome, parking available, lifts to the meeting available, meetings open to any member and their guests from any branch if you are unable to get to a meeting of your own branch for any reason.

We have a range of other informal get togethers and arrange member trips to hear speakers in Bristol and other areas. We raise money for our branch, stand in local elections and we are always looking to extend our range of activities, local involvement and campaigns as we build the branch further so new ideas and volunteers are always welcome.

There is a FACEBOOK page for members

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