I am standing as a City Councillor because I believe in contributing to my community.

I intend to be a voice for local people. If elected, I will be available to regularly listen to points made by people of all backgrounds and political persuasions across the St Cuthbert’s ward to represent local views on the City Council. For me the council has a responsibility to play its part in enhancing the lives of all of its constituents.

A major issue in the area is housing. As an area, we need to play our part in contributing to the housing needs of the country. Unfortunately, many current projects seem ill-conceived. We should ensure new housing takes into account the needs of local people; we should ensure that housing capacity does not exceed infra-structure capacity; we should ensure all new housing recognises environmental considerations.

Over the years, I have contributed in many different areas. In twenty-eight years of teaching, I contributed positively to the lives of thousands of people in Somerset. Through work in grass roots football locally, I have been involved in many team and initiatives. As a governor in a local school, I seek to make a positive impact for young people. In education, as a NASUWT representative, I have supported colleagues and sought to ensure that reasonable working conditions are observed.

I am representing Labour because I believe in the importance of all people; I believe in equality and fairness. More importantly, I am standing to represent my local community having lived in the St Cuthbert’s Ward of Wells for over 25 years.

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