Andy Merryfield to stand as Labour Candidate for Wells

Andy has lived in the constituency for over 30 yrs, taught in local schools and been active in the Labour & Trade Union movement representing members. He chairs Wells Constituency Labour Party and is a Co-operative Party member.

A proud dad of 3 grown up sons, Andy is excited about becoming a grandfather in the summer. Currently Andy works with vulnerable young people in schools and in Citizens Advice where he has witnessed the growing demand for its services. He is also a director of  2 community interest companies supporting BAME individuals and groups and was previously involved with managing mental health services for the racial equality council. Andy chaired Amnesty International UK Teachers & Academic Network for many years and set up a vibrant education link with 2 schools in Kenya.

As a daily motorcyclist he knows first hand the appalling state of roads across the county.


3 thoughts on “Andy Merryfield to stand as Labour Candidate for Wells

  1. All the best to you Andy, you got my vote for sure. Good luck with the election and ride safe.

  2. I am very conflicted. I would love Labour to win the general election but don’t think Labour can win locally and really don’t want Conservatives here. I like Tessa Munt as a person and visited her for advice a couple of times when she was our MP. Can you persuade me that my vote for Labour matters here?

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