On energy, fracking and renewable energy sources Chris says:

  • We need to make best use of the energy we already produce, we need to make our appliances more efficient, insulate our homes and businesses to reduce energy needs.
  • Renewable power offers this country a huge opportunity to generate clean power and develop
    technologies that can offer green employment.
  • The Bristol Channel offers real opportunities for tidal power, this needs urgent investigation and
    research as this could generate a large amount of energy.
  • Solar power offers real opportunities, this should be used on roofs every new home and well sited
    locations for solar farms.
  • I fully support wind provision, further research and development needs to be conducted to improve
    the efficiency of wind power.
  • We need to further improve investment into clean coal technology this could reduce carbon emissions by 90% and could regenerate thousands of jobs.
  • Fracking has no part in our energy policy, it’s a dirty industry with very real risks to our Mendip Hills and the springs that feed our water ways, fracking energy production is short term but the damage to our environment will be long lasting.
  • The Labour Party sees Nuclear power as a part of the low carbon energy generation and will not
    renegotiate the Hinkley C agreements.
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