Jane Ratcliffe is an engineer and scientist and has worked as a teacher at secondary and college level. She has two school age children and currently runs her own business. Jane believes that people should have access to services based on need and that no one should be left without provision to lead a full life.  Inspired by the recent changes of leadership and focus within the Labour Party she is passionate about fairness, equality and opportunity and is keen to contribute to finding solutions for local issues such protecting and improving community focused bus routes, the provision of affordable housing for all, improving the quality and terms and conditions for those in private rented accommodation and the promotion of local business, products and services. Jane says “I will bring a persistent voice to the council representing the ideals of social justice and starting on a local level, I will promote the change needed in national policy to address the issues that have such negative impact on our community and I will stand to represent the views and problems of our community from the stand point of environmental and social justice. “